Zombie Signs & Wall Art

During the initial stages of a zombie outbreak, no-one will have time to put up signs of zombie infestation. But as the populace grows adjusted to the zombie menace, more and more signs like the ones found here in the Zombie Signs section of the Zombies Playground will gradually start to pop up. Why, you might ask? Because as humanity realizes that completely exterminating all zombies is a daunting, if not near-impossible task, they'll gradually begin to implement measures that warn others of the zombie presence. Of course, classic zombie warning signs aren't the only thing you'll find here. You'll also find a number of cleverly crafted signs that are perfect for inspiring dread and horror in the minds of the living, including eerie and sinister signs that are bound to send potent chills of dread cascading down the spines of those who read them. Of course, not all zombie signs are honest warnings or messages of horror. Well, most are serious, but some will provoke a novel smile, if only for the novel way that its honest message is delivered. Whether you're looking for a zombie sign to invoke terror or warn your fellow man (or just celebrate how awesome zombies and zombie survival is in general), then you've come to the right place, as this Zombie Signs Section of the Zombies Playground is rife with awesome zombie signs for anyone to hang up virtually anywhere on their property.
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Graveyard Zombie Girl Art Scroll

Item # CC9804
Looks can be deceiving sometimes. This is not one of those times, though, because as pretty as this ghoul in this Graveyard Zombie Girl Art Scroll appears, she is still undead and, thus, dangerous to the living.

Mutant Zombies Warning Sign

Item # FM-68611
Before a zombie apocalypse, you would almost never see a sign like this Mutant Zombies Warning Sign. But after a zombie outbreak of catastrophic proportions, signs like this one will become all too common.

Zombie Caution Metal Sign

Item # ND-30059
Make sure everyone is prepared to take basic safety precautions after the zombie apocalypse occurs by posting warning signs like this one. The Zombie Caution Metal Sign serves as a fantastic reminder to keep an eye out for the undead.
$5.40 $4.86

Zombie Shelter Sign

Item # MB-M36880
The Zombie Shelter Sign is a great way to lend a helping hand to your fellow man when the dead rise as zombies. This sign has the look of a road sign, so it could easily be mistaken for one if it was not for a few key differences.
$10.00 $9.00

Zombie Warning Sign

Item # FM-66657
The polite thing to do when you know there are zombies in the area is warn your neighbors. What better way to do that than putting the Zombie Warning Sign up in your yard? The sign is eye-catching and easy to put up.