Zombie Wigs

Are you cursed (or blessed) with a head of full, luxurious hair, which constantly foils your every attempt to look zombified? If you answered yes, then one of our fantastic Zombie Wigs from the Zombies Playground is the solution to your troubles! Being utterly dead and lacking any form of growth or personal hygiene, zombie hair is often grungy, discolored, and rather wild in appearance, and that is exactly what all of these wigs are. They come in a variety of classic zombie colors, particularly focusing on silvers, grays and greens to create aged and dying heads of hair that will perfectly match up to a zombie's state of rot and decay. And these wigs aren't just for women, as we have short and wild wigs that are perfect for men, too! There's no reason to muck up or mess with your own hair whenever the Zombies Playground offers a wide assortment of killer zombie wigs that will give you a head covered with dead, zombified hair, just like you want!
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Contaminated Biohazard Zombie Wig

Item # FM-68647
Featuring tufts of messy, unkempt hair in unhealthy shades of color, this Contaminated Biohazard Zombie Wig is the perfect way to give your zombies a perfect head of hair that is exactly in-keeping with a striking undead style.

Creepy Zombie Wig

Item # FM-66462
The fringe benefits for joining the walking dead are actually quite nice. Your dexterity and mental acuity both suffer, but you get really cool hair. If you want zombie hair, though, it is easier to wear the Creepy Zombie Wig.

Grave Zombie Wig

Item # FM-65978
It looks like something just rolled out of the grave! When it comes to zombie hair, the Grave Zombie Wig is the perfect combination of deathly color and unkempt style for giving a zombie that fresh out of the grave look.

Noxious Biohazard Zombie Wig

Item # FM-68649
Zombies rarely have good hair days. For proof, look no further than the Noxious Biohazard Zombie Wig, which is an ideal head of hair for a zombie. Far from pretty, it features eerie green color indicative of advanced decay.
$12.00 $10.80

Rocker Zombie Wig

Item # FM-66460
Add this gnarly wig to a zombie costume to give it a dose of rock and roll. Whether you are looking for 80s rock style or a modern metal look, the Rocker Zombie Wig delivers in equal measure, while enhancing your deathly look.

Wild Zombie Wig

Item # FM-65980
Wearing your Wild Zombie Wig, you will look like you just rolled right out of your grave. Given that you are a zombie, that is possible! With its disheveled and shaggy style, this wig is the perfect accessory to add to any zombie look.

Zombie Grave Robber Wig

Item # FM-66461
There is no denying that the Zombie Grave Robber Wig is one of the creepier zombie wigs available. This wig is part wig and part skull cap, serving to elongate the forehead to create an eerie and sinister look that is super creepy.

Zombie Lady Wig

Item # FM-65981
You will be the epitome of deathly beauty, as well as the envy of all your ghoul-friends when you wear the Zombie Lady Wig. This accessory features the unkempt style that suits zombies so well, while retaining a dark beauty as well.

Zombie Wig

Item # FM-65979
This simple Zombie Wig is a complement to any zombie costume. Rarely do zombies have heads covered in healthy hair. Instead, as much a result of their undead state as from a lack of care, zombies usually have unkempt, wild hair.